When I was young, my parents were always planning trips to the mountains or the sea. I didn’t like them at all, mainly because my parents and I don’t have such a rose-tinted relationship, although I admit that exploring the country was invigorating at times.

I’ve come to realise that…

I want to throw this out there right off the bat: GRIS is the most artistic game I have ever played.

I’m not just ignoring the titans like Journey, ABZU, Cuphead or Monument Valley, but this game resonated with me in every regard.

I’m not an art guy, I can’t…

Cuphead was published in 2017, after being announced at E3 2014. As the trailer spoke for itself, it was a game-changer, truly an original idea.

Going back to the frame by frame animations of the 1928’s Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie, the developers (Studio MDHR) took this concept to the…


Paying respect to Games’ teachings. No matter when and how, I’ll always brag about OSTs, game design or how Celeste broke and rebuilt me right back up.

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